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Welcome to Artesia.  We are a professional consulting business serving water companies, third sector, government and business.  Our mission is to solve our clients' challenging water management problems through the application of technical excellence.

Our core technical services are water resources planning, leakage management, demand forecasting, water conservation, metering, smart metering, data analysis, mathematic modelling and statistics.

Our vision is to shape the way we manage water resources by solving complex problems using elegant solutions.

We believe this is essential given the increasing pressure on water resources from climate change, population growth and changes in lifestyle, habits and consumer expectations. Managing water resources in a sustainable way under all these pressures is becoming critical for our society – for policy makers, regulators, water supply organisations and customers.

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Artesia was established in 2008 and is led by Dene Marshallsay, Simon Gordon-Walker and Rob Lawson, each of whom have over 20 years’ experience in the water sector.  Dene, Rob and Simon work with a team of water resource planners, leakage specialists, statisticians and data analysts to identify innovative solutions to today's water management challenges.

Artesia works in the UK and internationally. We provide bespoke policy advice through to implementable solutions which take account of the environmental, economic, social and technological challenges faced by today’s and tomorrow’s water industry in resource and demand management. 

Whether it is how to conserve water, support required in water resource planning, advice on managing water loss, or quantifying water use, contact us by clicking here, or phone us, to see how we can help.